9 Effortless Tips For Softer Lips

Women do put in extra effort to follow elaborate skincare and haircare routines to get glowing skin and beautiful hair, but tend to ignore the delicate part of our body that needs extra care to prevent them from feeling dry and flaky. Our lips do not have any oil glands on them and that’s why they tend to become dry, chapped, and dehydrated, no matter what the season. Although a good lip balm can help to a certain degree, following a good lip care routine will make your lips soft and supple. Check out 9 effortless tips for softer lips.


Effortless Tips For Softer Lips

1. Use a soft toothbrush to gently exfoliate the dry and flaky skin on the lips. Make a homemade scrub using honey and sugar and apply this scrub with the soft-bristled toothbrush. Do this once or twice a week for soft lips.

2. Now that summers are arriving, make yourself this DIY All-Natural Cool Mint Scrub for Soft Lips in Summer.

3. Massage your lips with almond oil before hitting the bed and wake up with smooth lips.

4. Here’s a routine that anyone could follow for   Soft Pink Pigment-Free Lips.

5. Gently massage a few drops of vitamin E oil on your lips every day.

6. Condition your lips by mixing together a few drops of coconut oil an honey together. You can keep this pack as an overnight lip mask to deeply condition the lips.

7. Look for lip balms with beeswax and vitamin E as main ingredients.

8. If you love applying lipsticks, pick hydrating and moisturizing lipsticks over matte ones.

9. Always use a lip balm or product with SPF, just as you would apply sunscreen for your face.

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