20 Summer Fruits That Boost Weight Loss

Summer is a good season to lose weight, you know why, you are more active now and the metabolism is higher than during winters, and you are gulping down plenty of water – everything adds up here and that’s why your chances are brighter to get lighter and healthier this time of the year. But then, you have to eat right, follow a healthy weight loss plan (such as on Rati Beauty app), and be active to see the pounds melting off. However, weight loss is also about tiny things adding up to give that extra push and “fruits” fall into this category. In summer, fresh fruits are available aplenty, in all sizes, colors, and in all varieties and the best thing is that they come packed with loads of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, fiber, and antioxidants, all of which help in fighting extra flab and to get healthy in general. Fruits are the best way to amp up nutrition along with giving a major push to metabolism. As we have mentioned above, in summers, fruits are available in abundance and all of us should make good use of the local produce. Another good thing about fresh fruits is that you can replace your high-calorie sugary desserts with these to satisfy your sweet tooth and cravings. Don’t worry, even though they taste sweet, you can include these fresh summer fruits in your weight loss diet without any doubt (19 Things Slim People Eat Everyday). Most of these fruits have high water content that keep you full for long along with providing good hydration to the body. Since water has zero calories, fruits with high water content do not pile up calories and can keep you in calorie deficit. Replacing desserts with such fruits is a great idea to keep your metabolism high, burn fat, and supply your body with essential vitamins and nutrients. You can consume these fruits in their whole form, as a snack, or add them to plain oatmeal or yogurt to make them less bland (ahem). But do remember, it’s imperative to practice portion control with fruits as well, just as with other healthy foods, as overeating fruits can lead to elevated blood sugar levels. So, here’s a list of 20 summer fruits that boost weight loss:

Summer Fruits That Boost Weight Loss

1. Let’s start with mango – it’s called king of fruits for a reason! Available in every nook and corner during summers – mangoes are a rich source of vitamin C, vitamin B, fiber, and also phytochemicals that help with weight loss along with being high in magnesium, folate, and even iron.
2. Apples: Apples, particularly, green apples with their 85% water content are a good snack option for people on a strict diet with fiber and vitamins.
3. Blueberries: With 87% water content, it’s a water-dense fruit that targets abdominal fat because and interfere with the functioning of fat-storage genes. It’s actually considered as one of the healthiest and most weight-loss friendly fruit in the world.
4. Cantaloupe: Along with being high in fiber, low in calories, it also is majorly water with 93% water content.
5. Cucumbers: Well, stay cool as a cucumber in summers, by eating cucumbers. Every diet on this planet promotes cucumbers and that’s because it is majorly water in there, low in calories (How To Lose Weight without Counting Calories All Day Long), and when coupled with black pepper, it boosts weight loss.
6. Kiwi: It’s a fruit that’s high in vitamin C, also vitamin K (so good for your dark circles), and potassium, not to mention the good quantity of antioxidants in them.
7. Oranges: This is another juicy, vitamin C rich fruit that also has fiber content in it.
8. Bananas: If you have been staying off banana in an effort to lose weight, please don’t! Bananas have fiber, starch, and a great addition to smoothies and regular oatmeal dishes.
9. Strawberries: Just like blueberries, juicy strawberries too have vitamin C, high water content (92%), has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties as well
10. Grapefruit: Experts believe grapefruits have enzymes that target stored fat and help regulate blood sugar level.
11. Pomegranate: You get a lot of antioxidants, reduces triglyceride levels, and is also low in calories.
12. Musk Melon: This yellow fruit curbs appetite, is low in calories, and rich in potassium and vitamin C.
13. Papaya: Rich in vitamin A and C, antioxidants, and with enzyme papain, it curbs appetite and keeps you full for longer.
14. Guava: Hey, don’t forget to get guavas because they are a  good source of vitamin C, fiber keeping you full for long hours.
15. Pears: With 84% water content, if you can find pears, grab them up.
16. Plum: Full of nutrients and phytochemicals, plums are light in calories but heavy on flavor along with having 85% water.
17. Peaches: Loaded with vitamin C and A, high in water content (88%), it boosts up metabolism, and low in calories too.
18. Pineapple: There’s an enzyme in pineapple called bromelain which promotes digestion and keeps your gut happy. It’s also has anti-inflammatory properties and promotes fat loss.
19. Watermelon: Though it has a high glycemic index of 72, when taken in moderation, watermelon has low glycemic load. It also has vitamin C, lycopene, and arginine that actually help with burning fat.
20. Figs: Get a good dose of fiber, iron, potassium, in your morning breakfast by including figs because they are low in calories.

Summing up, don’t stay away from fruits, they are nutrient dense, and should be absolutely part of a healthy diet, just remember to practice moderation with these sweet treats though 🙂

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