7 Sources of Sneaky Calories That Hamper Weight Loss

Trying to lose weight on your own can be quite frustrating – all the calorie counting, planning the entire day’s meals, figuring out which food is low in calories – it’s too much work and that’s why losing weight may actually seem too complicated, but we have got it all figured out for you on Rati Beauty diet – we have planned it out all so that you don’t struggle. Coming back to calories, there are many ways in which people can unknowingly consume more calories and often the sources are left unidentified. They are called sneaky calories and they can easily add up without you realizing it. Overlooking these sources can make weight loss extremely difficult and weight gain imminent, so in this article, we list out ways to trace back the source of sneaky calories.

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1. Taste Testing/Sampling Food While Cooking: All that testing and tasting food while cooking can be a source of extra calories, especially if it’s not in your diet plan. It might be a bit tempting to sample dishes while cooking, but if you are trying to shed extra weight, quit this habit right away.
2. Extra Sugar in Tea/Coffee: Do you know there can be more than 48 calories in just 1 tbsp of sugar! So, when you add sugar for added sweetness in tea/coffee, the calories also go up. Also, coffee drinks from coffee shops can turn into high-calorie beverages with the addition of syrups, whipped cream, and flavored creamers. Drink your coffee/tea without sugar and brew them yourself at home.
3. Extra Serving of Ketchup/Mayonnaise: Ketchup and mayonnaise are two condiments that tend to make everything extra yummy. Sauce, ketchup, mayonnaise, salad dressing – all of these can be high in calories and sugar too – avoid adding them to your food.
4. A Few Nibbles Here and There: A small bite off pizza, just one cookie from the jar, one tiny muffin, one scoop of ice cream, just one bar of chocolate – these may not seem too much – but the calories from these tiny nibbles do add up at the end of the day, and can push you out of calorie deficit. Limit snacks to just two times a day. Also read: “10 Roasted Things To Have As Snacks For Weight Loss.”
5. Fruit Juices Instead of Fruit: When the fiber content gets removed while juicing, fruit juices become equal to sugar shots. They would shoot up the blood sugar, elicit sharp insulin response, and the extra calories would be packed away to be stored as fat in the cells by insulin. Eat your fruits whole, do not juice them out.
6. Added Sugar in Every Day Foods: Many processed foods are high in calories and fat, added sugar, etc., making you consume more calories than you realize. Pastries, cakes, biscuits, cookies, can be high in calories and sugar, and it’s easy to eat more than one serving without realizing it. Always read the food labels and ingredient list mentioned at the back, and pick minimally processed food only.
7. Making Salad Mistakes: A bowl of salad is considered ideal when trying to lose weight because it means you are getting daily recommended servings of veggies. Salads are often termed as a healthy option, but certain mistakes can tip it towards the unhealthier side. Adding store-bought mayonnaise, salad dressing, creamy sauces, croutons, cheese, creamy dressing, can also make that healthy bowl of a salad a high-calorie treat. So, do not add a lot of high-calorie toppings, just keep the salad basic and simple, and do not forget to add a protein source (chicken, chickpeas, tofu, paneer, etc.) to boost the fat-burning process.

Summing up, to avoid sneaky calories, it’s essential to practice mindful eating, watch portion sizes, and most importantly, eat within the diet plan without tweaking it on your own.

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