Shahnaz Hussain Colorveda Natural Hair Color Review

Shahnaz Hussain Colorveda Natural Hair Color

Hi everybody,

My mother has been using hair colors since many years. Almost all of our parents use henna or hair color to cover grey hair. Unfortunately, the chemicals in the hair color did not suit my mother’s scalp. She tried more than 4 brands, even the ammonia less versions but there were always some or the other bad symptoms. Headache, blurred vision, irritation in the scalp etc were some of those symptoms to state. So she was always in a search of herbal hair color that would not cause such symptoms. Her search ended up with this one. Read on to find more.
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Product description:

This miraculous formula has been specially devised to colour the hair blackish brown naturally. Henna has been blended with precious Ayurvedic ingredients that are known for colouring the hair blackish brown and enhancing its youthful beauty. It contains herbal extracts of henna, amla, brahmi, shikakai, bhringraj and majeeshtha, along with natural colourants like catechu and indigo. It conditions the hair, adding thickness, body and shine. It alos conceals grey hair effectively, promoting healthy hair growth. Restores health and beauty to the hair.

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Directions for use:

Soak colourveda natural hair colour in lukewarm water to make an applicable paste. Apply the paste immediately on hair. Put on surgical gloves to avoid stains on hands. Apply paste on hair from roots to top evenly. Leave on for 3 hours. Rinse off thoroughly and use hair dryer for 10-15 minutes to get better results.


Indigofera tinctoria, lawsonia alba, centella asiatica, emblica officinalis, eclipta alba, acacia concinna, rubia cordifolia, melia azadirachta, acacia catechu.

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Price: INR 149 for 100 grams.

My mother’s experience with Shahnaz Hussain Colorveda Natural Hair Color :

As I told you she had been facing many adverse symptoms with other hair colors and she believes in the efficacy of shahnaz products, so we ordered this. We ordered the 100 gram packing first for trial. It comes in outer packing which contains the color powder packet and the free goodies- 1 small applicator brush, a pair of polythene gloves and polythene head cap. Since my mother’s grey hair are due to age factor and she requires mostly root touch up, she mixed half of the packet. People who need to colour all their hair, especially those with long hair need the whole 100 gram packet for one time usage. It took almost 5 minutes to properly mix, remove the lumps and have a smooth paste. The paste resembles henna/mehndi more and hair-color less because of its green color. The beautician that visits our home every week applied it on my mother’s scalp separating each strand, the way it is done professionally. The head cap was then applied on the hair. The main challenge was to keep it for 3 long hours but my mother was ready to do anything if it fared well and had no bad symptoms. She rinsed it off thoroughly and used the hair dryer following it for 10 minutes as mentioned in the directions. The hair color did fare well. Almost all her hair were colored blackish brown that is a little lighter than jet black which matches her natural hair color too. The result was good on its own but if we compare it to the results of a professional hair color, it was 80% of it.

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Coming to the staying power power-sadly it stays for maximum 10 days. The best part about this hair color is that it is made from natural ingredients and that it did not cause any irritation, headache or blurred vision as was the case with other hair colors. In all, my mother is satisfied and would continue using it for life. The 3 hours wait and staying power of 10 days are negatives points of this product but keeping in view my mother’s reaction to other colors it is a small price to pay.
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Pros of Shahnaz Hussain Colorveda Natural Hair Color:

• Made up of 100% natural ingredients, chemical free.
• Do not cause even the mildest of irritation or reaction.
• Gives exactly blackish brown hair as it claims.
• No offensive smell.

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Cons of Shahnaz Hussain Colorveda Natural Hair Color:

• You have to keep it on the hair for 3 hours.
• You will need re-application every 10 days.
• Availability is a problem; you can get it only from their official online store.

Repurchase: yes, always.

Recommendation: for those who experienced any such adverse reaction as in my mom’s case, this is highly recommended. Those who do not have any such problem may continue using their regular hair colors.

Ulite rating:


Until next time, take care!

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