What Makes Sattu a Weight-Loss Friendly Food?

There are so many superfoods out that do not get their due importance in a world where kale, seaweed, acai berries, receive a lot of hype. In such a scenario, the benefits associated with Indian superfoods is also often overlooked. Protein plays an important role in weight loss and that’s why experts stress on the importance of amping up protein intake. Chicken, eggs, paneer, tofu, protein powders are all good sources of protein, but there’s an equally good and an inexpensive protein source we often ignore – “sattu.” The best thing about sattu is that it is 100% plant based – so absolutely good for vegetarians and vegans as well. Sattu is made by roasting and powdering Bengal gram, and in some regions, besan is added for extra flavour. It’s popular as a summer drink as it cools down the body and replenishes nutrients and minerals lost through sweating and dehydration. As we have already mentioned, sattu has not received enough credit even though it’s rich in nutrients and amazingly, has weight loss benefits too. It’s also known “poor man’s protein” in India because you can get 20 gm of protein per 100 gm at just 80 INR or less. It’s not just the high protein content, here’s what makes sattu a weight-loss friendly food.

sattu weight loss friendly food

1. High in Protein: Foods high in protein not only help to burn more calories, they keep one fuller for longer and controls appetite. Also read: “15 Food Sources of Lean Protein that Can Help with Weight Loss.”
2. Boosts metabolism: It boosts metabolism and supplies energy and nutrients that are needed to revv up metabolism like iron, magnesium, potassium, etc. With loads of vitamins, minerals, potassium, magnesium, and of course protein, it boosts metabolism and aids in the fat-burning process.
3. Low-Glycemic Index: Studies have shown that low-glycemic foods do not cause sharp blood sugar jumps and that’s why help with losing weight. Try to cut down on high GI foods and switch to low GI options like sattu to see a decline of the numbers on the weighing scale.
4. High Fiber Content: Fiber helps to keep you fuller for longer, keeps the gut bacteria healthy, and ensures you are burning body fat. Research has shown that people who consume an optimum amount of fiber tend to have lower body weights.
5. Flushes out Toxins: With its rich mineral content, sattu detoxifies and gets rid of toxins from the body.

You can make sattu sherbet in summers, sattu paratha, sattu laddu, and of course litti chokka, there’s so much variety. Though not exactly low in calories, sattu is full of nutrients, and can be made a part of staple diet. Do check Rati Beauty app for weight-loss related diet plans.

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