5 Reasons Why Normal Ghar Ka Khana Would Help you Lose Weight

Hyped up through aggressive advertisements, food companies would make you believe that processed foods like breakfast cereals are healthy, but normal ghar ka khana like poha, dal-chawal, paratha, etc., would any day win big on the health score card when compared to these above-mentioned foods. Consumers need to be cautious of exaggerated health claims made by food companies on their packaging, as these claims may not always be substantiated and in most cases, we may overlook at other less healthy aspects that they may contain. At the same time, eating out or ordering food too frequently, can derail your weight loss goals because various studies have shown that while dining out, people tend to eat a whole lot of calories than they would at home. Most importantly, restaurant food tucks in more amount of fat, sodium, and other calorie-dense ingredients to appeal to the customer’s tastebuds. So, ideally, if you are trying to lose weight or get healthy in general, your best bet would be to eat normal “ghar ka khana” rather than heavily-processed stuff that is marketed as “low-calorie” or restaurant food with exotic ingredients, and in this article, we would list out reasons why simple, home-cooked food would help you lose weight.

how normal ghar ka khana helps with weight loss

1. Made From Fresh, Locally-Sourced, and Fresh Ingredients:

Home-cooked meals are typically cooked from fresh ingredients like vegetables and most of them are sourced locally which means they retain the maximum amount of nutrients like vitamins, minerals, fiber, etc. We also include whole grains, lean protein, to make our staple, daily food – and these fresh and nutrient-dense dishes pave the way for weight loss. Roti, dal, sabzi – these are all weight-loss friendly foods, period. Also read: “7 High-Protein Paratha Breakfast Options.”

2. Allows Better Portion Control:

We all know by now that portion control is essential to get into a calorie deficit which in turns allows access to stored body fat. According to a report, restaurant portion sizes contribute to obesity because most restaurants serve two to three times the recommended serving size, all high in calories. Home-cooked meals, on the other hand, offer better portion control. You can control portions, avoid going for seconds, and eat your food in peace.

3. Better Control over Ingredients:

Think about about – when you cook normal food at home, would you add monosodium glutamate (MSG), food color, transfat, sodium nitrate, etc. to make food look and taste good? Absolutely not! But food that comes from outside may have these ingredients to tickle your tastebuds. Cooking at home can help you cut down excessive salt, sugar, artificial flavors, and preservatives that are commonly found in processed foods which also raise inflammation in the body and may lead to obesity.

4. Healthier Cooking Methods:

Cooking home-cooked meals often involve less oil and methods such as steaming, sauteing, etc., which are healthier compared to deeply-fried or heavy oil based dishes that come from outside. Deep frying and cooking on high heat would destroy the nutrients in food while home cooking retains nutrients and help to nourish the body.

5. Allows Customization:

Cooking at home allows you to customize your meals according to your diet, and help meet calorie requirements, this would allow you to maintain a calorie deficit and help your body burn stored fat.

Most importantly, when you cook your meals at home, you can cut down on expenses a great deal, you are more aware of the ingredients you are using, and can choose healthy dishes, and avoid processed food completely. Summing up, it’s important to note that while home-cooked meals can be healthy, if weight loss is on your mind, we at Rati Beauty, can help you with diet plans that comprises of home-cooked, normal food that would trigger fat burning and accelerate your weight loss. Subscribe to the Rati Beauty app to access all our weight loss diet plans.

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