Nature’s Essence Natural Hair Colors Burgundy Review

Nature’s Essence Natural Hair Colors Burgundy Review

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Nature’s Essence is one of the well known brand that sells facial kits, face packs, skin care products and its own cosmetic range ‘Coloressence’ all over India. Today I am reviewing one of their awesome products which is really fabulous but not that well known. So here is my take on its Natural Hair Color-Burgundy.

Nature’s Essence Natural Hair Colors burgundy

Rs 20 per sachet. Entire pack containing 10 sachets would cost you-Rs200

Nature's essence hair color




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Nature’s Essence Natural Hair Colors

My Experience:

I use natural Heena every fortnight for strengthening my hair roots and for natural shine it imparts, generally I use Shahnaz Husain’s Heena powder for this. Some three years back I discovered Nature’s Essence natural Heena color in burgundy shade at a mall at my native place. :yahoo: I wanted to color my hair burgundy but was really apprehensive of using any kind of chemical based dyes, so when I came across this product I bought it immediately after going through its ingredients list. :woot: It contains all natural extracts that impart burgundy color to our hair. I have been using it regularly since three years and am more than amazed with this product. This is one product without which my younger sister simply can’t live without. 😀 It is available in three shades:

  • Burgundy
  • Black
  • Dark Brown

Till date I have used only the burgundy one and it imparts a natural deep burgundy color to my hair. I keep it for just 30 minutes and wash it. The color stays for more than one month on my hair with usual washing and conditioning. One sachet is more than enough for medium length hair. This color shows on black hair too. So I would recommend this to all of you who would love to color their hair with natural colors.

Pros of Natural Henna Color:

-One can buy one sachet to see if it works.
-It is really cheap for Rs 20 per sachet and Rs 200 for 10 sachets.
-Available in three shades.
-Available at all cosmetic shops that keep Nature’s Essence products.
-It contains all natural extracts that impart the specified color. :thumbsup:
-Color payoff is awesome.
-One sachet is enough for medium length hair.
-Color stays for more than one month.
-Didn’t make my hair dry or brittle with continued use.
-After using it, my hair gets deep burgundy color. 🙂
-It makes my hair very soft and manageable.
-It imparts natural shine too.
-Use this and all your friends would keep on asking about your hair-color.
-Doesn’t contain ammonia.
-Didn’t irritate my scalp even once.
-Doesn’t have disgusting smell like that of chemical dyes.
-It conceals grey hair very effectively too.

Cons of Natural Heena Colors-

-Only available in three shades.
-Those with very long hair may require more than one sachet.
-It availability is a problem.
-Its fragrance is similar to one of the most well known ayurvedic herb, I don’t know what we call it in English but we say ‘Chireita’ in our language. I like it but many people don’t like its fragrance.
-Didn’t irritate my scalp even once.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Will I repurchase? Yesss!! :haanji:

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  1. Wow! This is something I’ve never come across before..will keep you in mind when I want to colour my hair Taps. 🙂 Thanks for telling us about this prodcut.

  2. Taps, I have yet to find a hair coloring product here with all-natural ingredients, like this one. And it’s so affordable too. :)) I wanna color my hair but the DIY boxed ones fry my hair. I wish I could get this. Nice review. :))

  3. :thanks: taps..hey even i’m in calcutta…where can i find nature’s essence products here??i liked the compact review u did yesrday too..have always wanted to color my hair!plz do leme know :drool:

  4. Hi..good review 🙂 btw is this like a dye in the sense that suppose we stop using it for sometime then do the hair/roots turn white? :ghost:

      1. thanks…am very very apprehensive as i have never coloured my hair but now can see a few white strands 🙁 and i dont wanna use a hair colour…….so on ur recco will go ahead and buy this :clap:

        1. i know, Nidhi, even am so worried about using dyes but still want that one or two whites to be covered without using an chemical products! 😉

  5. it looking nice …….me will deff. search it soon………hope could get it at my place……..hey me wanna see your hair after apply this…….. :waiting: :waiting: :waiting: :waiting:

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