7 Mistakes you Should Avoid While Applying Hair Color Yourself

Hair coloring has become quite a rage these days. Gone are the days when people would just dye or color to conceal grey hair. Hair coloring is an excellent option to jazz up your look easily and completely.

I would suggest taking a professional’s help to color up your hair. But I do acknowledge that salon treatments and sessions may not be very pocket friendly. Thankfully, the Market is full of various hair coloring options with which you can easily color your hair at home. But again, coloring at home may not be as easy it may sound! I am listing down in my post today, some common mistakes people do with their home hair color which must be avoided.

1.Choosing the wrong shade of hair color:
Often people just pick up a hair color box by checking the reference picture printed on the front label. This is totally wrong, picture on the box can be very deceiving. When it comes to at home hair color boxes, “what-you-see” is different from “what-you-get”. Always ask your hair stylist about the shade you should use for your hair. Basically Coloring should enhance your natural hair color and not look over the top or artificial.

2. Applying color to the scalp :

Now this is one thing, almost every hair expert will tell you. Unless you need hair coloring to cover your grey hair(a.k.a. Root touch-up), never apply your color to the scalp. Always keep a distance of about an inch from the scalp. Make sure the color is applied just to your hair avoiding the scalp area. Ultimately, hair color is nothing more than heavy dose of chemicals.

3. Keeping the hair color for too long :

applying color
Your hair color box always carries a few essential instructions which you must follow. Ideally, at home hair color is supposed to be kept for 25-30 minutes(could be different too). Keeping your hair color on for more than the required time does nothing more than bad to your hair. It can damage your hair completely. Always read instructions. Set a stop watch or alarm to help you with the time factor.

4.Not Using hair products specifically meant for colored hair :
This is something I have learnt from personal experience. I have been coloring my hair since 3-4 years now. I never bothered to use products like color protect shampoo and conditioner. I was suggested by a hair stylist to use them instead of normal products. I have seen a lot of difference in my hair by following his advice. Color Protect shampoos and conditioners add shine and protect hair from further damage. They also make sure that your hair color stays fresh and vibrant for a much longer time.

5.Choosing a shade that does not match your skin tone
While it is great to be experimental with your hair looks, it is not a good idea to do so with your hair color. Just like your makeup, it is important to keep your skin tone in mind while deciding the hair color. Pick up a shade that compliments your skin tone. You can seek a professional’s help to suggest you about the right shades that will go well with your skin tone. Like I was suggested more browns because of my yellow skin tone.

6.Going overboard with Hair styling :

Colored hair being chemically treated are more porous and prone to damage. Avoid too much hair styling with blow dryers and hot straightening irons. It can damage your completely. Style your colored hair only when it is really necessary and not on a daily basis.

7.Mixing the components in wrong proportion :
There are two basic components in hair coloring; “the developer” and “the colorant”. Most home hair color packages come with instructions like mixing the entire contents and use in one go. This is not a good idea if you want to use a small amount of color just on some specific areas. It is important to mix the component in the correct proportion to get the best out of your hair color. Ideally it is 1 part color and 2 parts developer.

These were a few points you should definitely keep in mind when you opt for hair coloring at home. I would also suggest doing a patch or allergy test before using any type or brand in hair color.

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  1. Just made the horrible mistake of colouring my hair at home yesterday. A burgandy that too- on my scalp 🙁 am hoping washing my hair over the next 2 days should make it bearable by diwali.
    Throwing a Diwali party

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