How To Make Legs Look Thin?

Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with naturally long, slender, beautiful legs like supermodels. For such petite women, thick thighs and generous calves become a harsh reality that they have to deal with everyday. We agree that finding the right type of clothes or shoes is a real trouble but that doesn’t mean those needs can’t be accommodated. With a few tips and tricks up your sleeve, you can hide unwanted bulges around your calves and render them a slim-looking appearance. These definitely can’t change the natural shape of your legs and ankles, but it can make you feel confident while dressing up. Here are 10 tried and tested tips that will work like magic to slim short and thick legs. Take a look:

1. Emphasise on highlighting the upper half of your body: One of the easiest tactics to move away eyes from your thick legs is to focus on dressing up the upper half of your body. For example, you can select a plain skirt or simple straight trousers, but you can draw all the attention on the upper half by wearing a printed floral top. In this case, you can also consider accessorizing your outfit. Wearing a chic scarf around your neck or a trendy statement necklace would effortlessly do the job for you. Not only will this make your thick legs appear thin, but it is a great hack for women with short and thick legs.

2. Drapey fabrics can be your savior: Instead of wearing body-hugging clingy clothes, focus should be laid on choosing more soft and flowy fabrics. It is applicable to both skirts and trousers and can instantly make your limbs have a thinner look. Those who have thicker calves, wide leg, flowing trousers should be your wardrobe go-to. Fabrics that allow air to go inside conceal all the extra bulkiness of your limbs. Flowy fabrics create the illusion of thinner legs especially when you don’t to draw all the wrong attention towards you.

3. A full skirt is a must-have outfit: Want to hide your thick thighs? Then, nothing better can be than wearing a tempting full-length skirt. It can easily hide your heavier legs and ankles. Just stick one rule while wearing this: the wider the hemline of your skirt is, the thinner your legs will appear. So, avoid pencil skirts and instead go for flowy A-line skirts as it makes your calves and ankles seem narrower by contrast.

4. Time for to wear boyfriend jeans: If you wish to slim down your legs, boyfriend jeans can be a stunning way to hide those thick calves. Why do you think it has gained so much popularity in recent times? This is because boyfriend jeans look oversized and creates a counterproductive effect on your thick legs. When you combine this with pointed heels, then it looks extremely flattering and also makes your legs look really thin.

5. Wear clothes in a high-waisted manner: The trick here is to make your waist look elongated. Doesn’t matter whether you wear a skirt or simple jeans, just wear it as high as possible. This will help you flaunt longer legs.

6. Choosing the right type of trousers: Do you that finding the right type of pants for your body type can help you flaunt longer limbs? A perfectly cut trouser like bootcut trousers, tailored jeans, long and dark pants work exceptionally well for petite woman with thicker calves and ankles because they flare out slightly at the knee, hiding a multitude of sins and also adding height by sitting just above your shoe. Avoid cropped pants and capris as much as possible as it gives you a wider look. What else? You can pair these pants with platform heels to add more height to your body. Also avoid busy patterned slacks, such as those with plaid or floral designs as they make you look thicker.

7. Black is the new friend: There is a reason to love black. Not only can it become your wardrobe savior on multitude of occasions, but it can also save you from the misery of having thick legs. How is that possible? Just adorn yourself with some black tights, it can go a long way in slimming your calves and ankles. But do avoid very heavy prints as it can widen up your legs.

8. Heels can save your day: You probably don’t know what heels can do to your thick calves. Whether you wear chunky block heels or pointed toe shoes, it will help to balance out your calves and make your ankles look much slimmer. Simple avoid wearing simple flats as it highlights your thick calves more and more. If your height is petite, a medium sized heel will suit your more and will enhance your personality. For petite woman that need a boost, a medium height heel will also make you feel more confident and assertive thanks to the extra inches. If you really can’t live without flats, then try ballet flat with a pointed toe, as that will make your ankles look slender and your legs look even longer.

9. Keep ankle straps out of your way: There is no need to unnecessarily draw attention to your thick legs by tying straps around your ankle. These straps exaggerate the bulges of your calves and make you look wider. Hence, avoid making such fashion choices.

10. Nude shoes can do wonders: All of us might not like n*de but it is really helpful for petite women. N*de shoes do a great hack in slimming down your calves and ankles. Match the color of your skin to your shoes and watch your legs instantly gain a couple of inches.

11. Invest in some knee-length boots: Knee-length boots can make your legs look really flattering and long. It cancels out the effect of thick calves and slims down your ankles. But make sure that you avoid a knee length boot with some detail at the top like a buckle or stitching as this will draw the attention to your calves. Also, don’t wear very high heels, choose a medium heeled knee length boot and it will give an illusion of some extra height.

12. Draw the eye elsewhere: If thick legs are taking away your self-confidence, it is time to divert the attention from such troublesome spots. Wear an embellished top, attention-grabbing lipstick, a gorgeous necklace or chandelier earrings. This hack doesn’t make your legs look thin, but it is an easy hack to follow.

Hope you incorporate these smart tricks and tricks to hide your thick legs. Till next time, stay confident and beautiful.


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