Jovees Veg Oat Peel Pack Review

Jovees Veg Oat Peel Pack

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Today, I am reviewing the Jovees veg oat peel pack. I have a lot of scars and pigmentation, when I went to health and glow to pick the Neutrogena cleanser, the SA literally forced me to buy this product. I just bought it finally for the only reason the few Jovees products I have tried worked decently on me. Anyway, read on to know how much this product fared on me.



Rs. 165 for 100 grams


Almond powder, Henna Powder, Yeast Powder, Wheat grain

Product Description

This product is extremely useful to minimize scars (caused by acne, pimples, burns, tanning and pigmentation) and helps removes black heads, dead epithelial cells and brings glow to the skin. Use twice a week for optimum results.


Directions to use

Clean face preferably with Jovees Citrus Cleansing Milk. Make a thin paste of the powder using rose or cucumber toner. Apply all over the face and neck. Gently massage for 3 to 4 minutes. Leave it for 10 minutes. Pour a few drops of Jovees Rose or Cucumber toner on the skin through cotton swab dipped in the toner. Gently massage the skin with finger tips using upward and outward strokes for 2-3 minutes. Then wash face with plain water. Apply a light moisturizer, preferably Jovees White Winter Lily moisturizer.

My experience with the Jovees Veg Oat Peel Pack

The Jovees Oat Peel Pack comes in a round white plastic tub with green labeling. Inside the pack is packed in a transparent zip lock cover. As it was getting messy, I removed it from the cover and transferred it to the container. The pack powder is light grey in color, it looks like some chalk powder. It has a strong fragrance very similar to talcum powder.


The method of use as mentioned on the tub did not work on my skin. I have combination skin with lot of scars on my cheeks. The texture of the powder is very coarse and harsh on skin. I mixed the powder with the Jovees cucumber toner and tried to blend the powder really well. But it doesn’t blend very fine and massaging becomes very harsh on the skin. So, I applied the powder mixed with the Jovees cucumber toner and left it to dry for 10 minutes and then I moisten my hands and massaged it gently for a minute and washed it off. Always, remember to massage it with a very light hand as the granules are quite harsh. As soon as the face pack dries on face it feels stretchy and I wash it off immediately.

Now, moving to the result the face pack provided me. I washed off my face and I noticed a whitish grey cast on my face, I got really scared. But in 5 minutes it just faded away. I applied this face pack twice a week and yes, I noticed difference on my scars. I applied it regularly but skipped in between when I had pimples, as the granules might hurt or cause any problems on the pimples. The scars reduced and faded lightly. I would say, the effect was not drastic but I could notice difference.

Pros of the Jovees Veg Oat Peel Pack

• Affordable.
• A lot of quantity is provided in this small tub itself.
• Lightens scars.
• Exfoliated skin like a homemade pack.

Cons of Jovees Veg Oat Peel Pack

• I really don’t know whether it will work without the Jovees cucumber toner. If it doesn’t, you have to invest in the toner also.
• Strong talcum powder fragrance.
• Granules are harsh on skin, so you need to work with a light hand.
• It did not work on blackheads as it claims.
• It leaves a whitish cast on the skin which fades off later.
• I wish it is available in a paste form in a tube which would have been easier.

Ulite rating :


Will I repurchase and do I recommend Jovees Veg Oat Peel Pack?

Yes, I will repurchase it and I do recommend it. Despite, the cons of the product, I feel it does work in reducing marks so I would say it is a decent pack for the price.

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  1. jovees has never worked for me *nababana* *nababana* *nababana*
    and yes even i prefer facepacks in paste form.. lazy *scared* *scared* *scared* *scared*

  2. Hey!have tried jovees veg peel for my black heads..u need to use twice a week..and use a black heads remover…

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