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Pratibha asks:

Hello IMBB,

I am in a very bad situation.  I am 21, I had a few grey hair, I decided to get my hair coloured.  When I went to the salon, they firstly used blonder and then they coloured my hair.  The blonder was overdone and my hair has turned yellow brown.. :'( To correct this, they coloured my hair with black, I am so depressed, I want my natural hair back… can you please help me!

By using blonder first, did they bleach my natural hair?

Please help me, please!

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3 thoughts on “How To Fix Messed Up Hair Color: Ask IMBB

  1. Pratibha, if you are just a few grey hairs, go for heena instead of hair color. This post will tell you how to cover grey hair with heena…..

    Since they have already dyed your hair black, wait for one month or before you do any more coloring to your hair. Obviously, the salon you went too, did not do a good job. Pick up a reputed salon if at all you decide to color your hair again.

  2. Yes blonde is a kind of bleach.. which gives a big burst of color.. normally the exact hair colors do not show on everyone’s hair as everyone’s hair doesn’t pick up the exact colour.. hence to get that exact bright color they add blonder.. which gives a bleaching effect.. do not worry.. relax that is the first thing.. 🙂

    1. okay so when i was bored of my gold hair color.. i decided to change my hair color to black.. i coloured them black and i got very scared because that looked really bad.. so at that point i was in the same situation.. then i got my revlon colorsilk hair color and colored it back because that was the only option.. and i got my hair color back.. so you know see the revlon range … pick up something like dark brown or a little honey gold shade.. and color your hair.. it will get back your natural color.. because that is the only option currently.. if you pick up a shade ask them not to put a blonder .. blonders are bad for hair

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