9 Home Remedies To Remove Dark Patches From Lips

Exposure to harmful sun rays, hormonal changes, lack of proper moisturization can cause darkness of lips and dark patches. We would also like to point out that certain vitamin and nutrient deficiencies and use of substandard quality lipsticks can cause darkening of lips too. However, with these home remedies listed below you can remove darkness of lips and make them pink all over again.

1. Lemon Honey Pack: Mix honey with lime juice. Add a few drops of glycerin. Use it everyday on your lips and you will reap benefits in the long run. You may replace lime juice with the juice of freshly squeezed lemons.
2. Milk Honey Pack: Mix honey with raw milk and leave the mixture on your lips for half-an-hour. This should be done daily.
3. Pure Aloe Vera Gel Pack: A wonder herb that it is, aloe vera is known for its curative as well as bleaching properties. Apply aloe vera gel or freshly made aloe vera pulp on your lips and leave it on for about fifteen minutes. Done regularly, this helps to moisturize your lips.
4. Almond Milk Pack: Crush an almond and mix it with milk. Apply the pack on your lips and wait for half-an-hour.
5. Almond Oil Application: Almond oil is easily available; so why not use it for the benefit of your lips? Apply almond oil directly on your lips everyday and you will notice the difference over time.
6. Olive Oil and Lemon Essential Oil: Take 4 tablespoons of olive oil should be combined with ½ teaspoon of lime essential oil. The mixture has to be applied in thick layers on lips, left on for half-an-hour and then rinsed off with cold water. It can be applied as many as three times daily.
7. DIY Beetroot Exfoliating Lip Mask for Pink Lips: Here’s an excellent exfoliating lip mask with wonderful ingredients to make lips soft and smooth.
8. Sugar and Glycerin: Sugar is a great exfoliant but make sure the sugar granules aren’t too big or they might cut through the delicate skin on your lips. This is recommended for anyone who has really chapped and dry lips. This will revitalize your lips in an instant. Using a baby tooth brush, dip it in some glycerin and sprinkle a little bit of sugar on it and then gently scrub off the dead skin cells. Your lips will feel really soft and supple. Apply glycerin overnight and they will gradually lighten.
9. Pomegranate Application: can restore lips to their natural color and they taste amazing too. They also contain natural bleaching properties but I think beetroot is more effective. Pomegranates are a great option if beetroots aren’t available at home.

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