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hair coloringAfter my two posts on hair color, there still remains, some facts unfolded and experiences untold. I mean, there have been doubts and queries about various things in accordance with hair coloring.

This article shall answer the leftover questions and clear doubts which are still floating in many minds. I hope Rids, gets the answers to all her queries and Farah gets the audacity of coloring her hair.

We have seen different types of hair coloring techniques, choosing hair colors and also types of hair colors, so now let me tell you about the different ways which are used for coloring hair.

Ways of coloring hair

There are ONLY three ways of coloring hair:

Weave Caps

Weave caps are generally used for highlighting the hair. Weave cap is the cap that your hair stylist pulls down your head before starting the process. A weave cap has holes through which the hair are pulled out and colored. Using a weave cap for highlighting the hair basically conceals the gray hair roots or the roots of the new hair growing which may be discolored or faded. Weave caps are also used for twilighting and highlighting too.


Every stylist does this for highlighting. With foiling sections of hair are placed on a foil sheet and color is applied. Then further the foil is folded up and left for the color to dye the hair.

hair colorWhy a foil?
• It gives a neat and disciplined partition of the hair.
• Give a better appearance to the highlighted hair.
• Multiple colors can be used at the same time.
• Easy management of the color used.
• Gives an even and uniform coverage to the highlights.
• You can easily prevent coloring the areas you don’t want to color.
• Enhances the color of the hair color applied.


This is a hair coloring application which is used for the wavy and curly hair specifically. In this technique, portions of your hair are hand colored. This gives a very natural and personal touch to the curly hair.

Baliage is usually chosen when it’s the first time hair coloring, since baliage gives a very subtle and natural finish. Baliage works well with short hair. Baliage is great for low lighting and highlighting.

What are the forms of hair color available?

Hair colors are available in the cream, gel, shampoo and tubes forms.

What’s my reason for hair coloring?

You have to find an answer to this question before hitting the salon. Grey hair, highlighting or an over all hair color change, know your reason. You can get confused at the salon and also get lost with the varied choices and ideas of the stylists.

Any other way of testing the hair color other than the strand test?

Yes, just apply some hair color on any part of the body and leave it for 20 minutes. Wash it out, if you find an irritation, do not use it.

Is re-touching the hair color necessary?

Well, yes. Since, the hair color fades out with time and washes you need to give touch ups to your hair to avoid the washed off look, which looks horrendous. Re-touching is essential after a month or 6 weeks of hair coloring. It also depends on your hair growth.

hair colorHow do I maintain my colored hair?

• Use shampoos and conditioners especially meant for colored hair.
• Condition your hair regularly.
• Use a leave in conditioner if your hair gets dry and frizzy after hair color.
• Use a deep conditioner at least once a week.
• Use shampoos with UV filters, Ammonium laurel sulfate, Sodium laureth sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate as its ingredients.
• Avoid hair contact with salty water.
• Avoid chlorinated water.
• Protect hair from the sun, use a hair sunscreen.
• Use a swimming cap whilst swimming.
• Do not wash your hair too often, this causes dryness.

What’s the biggest hair color sin?

Coloring your hair with permanent color over and over again is the biggest hair color crime. This makes the hair porous and fragile.

How often do I color my hair?

Hair coloring depends your hair growth and of course your wish. In summers the hair color fades or lightens, so get a hair color done in winters for more life.

Can pregnant women color their hair?

According to medical sciences, hair color doesn’t affect pregnancy. But then wait for your first three months to pass by. Use organic hair colors, and always jump the direct color processes. Ask for a weave cap hair color or a foiling hair color.

Do I go for a permanent or a semi permanent hair color?

If you want to keep changing your hair color often, go for a semi permanent one since it proffers a shine to your hair. But if you have grey hair, opt for a permanent hair color, since they have a better color coverage.

I am afraid I would go bald after hair color baby no.. You only have to be unlucky for that. 😛
You only tend to have a hair lose when the wrong amount of peroxide is used in used in your hair color.

You can have damaged hair only if your hair is over processed and over colored. Keep a good hair conditioning routine for good colored hair.

hair colorMy hair went dull after hair color

I have heard soo soo many women saying this. Ladies, over processing does this to your hair. Use semi permanent hair colors to avoid this.

Why do colors like red, blue, purple and pink fade off within a short span?

Scientifically, these colors have bigger hair color molecules than the natural hair color molecules due to which these color fail to stuff in with the natural hair color. Follow a proper hair conditioning to routine to keep the color for a long time.

Other than this, over shampooing, harsh hair products, thermal styling and fluorescent lighting contribute to hair color fading.

Any home remedies for protecting my hair color?

Of course, Rinse your hair regularly with strong black coffee regularly.

Rinse with apple dicer vinegar or teas amalgamated with rosemary,sage, basil or chamomile.

Never use a towel to wriggle your hair and dry them.

Never comb when your hairs are wet.

Ahh, that’s it for now girls….do let me know if you have any other queries with hair coloring..I shall try and help you.

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  1. :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: great post zeeba….ofcourse i have more questions on the home remedies 🙂 black coffee ?:) i drink it …how do i use it on hair (thats the only avail ingredient in my kitchen) :vampire:

    1. jus make plain black..strong coffee……ofcourse sugarless…and rinse ur hair after ur shampoo wid it..and wash once wid plain water…..u cn skip d last step..if u love the smeelll of coffee in ur hair.. 😛 😉 😉 O:) O:) .. this will enhance ur hair color..

  2. “ baby no.. You only have to be unlucky for that.
    You only tend to have a hair lose when the wrong amount of peroxide is used in used in your hair color”.
    😆 😆 😆 😆

    Nice articleeeeeeeeeee :jiggy1: :jiggy1:

  3. Good post
    why dont you post a step by step hair colouring tutorial.
    I have few grey hair strands . would love to colour my hair at home.
    but being a nursing mom am sacred to use it.
    does it pas on to my baby too?
    I ve never ever coloured my hair in my life
    please help me zeeba

    1. awwwwwwwwww sumi…….congrats for the baby…… i will surely help you wid the hair coloring tute…give me a couple of days.. 🙂

      and as I mentioned……in doesn’t cause any harm to ur baby…. 🙂 :highfive: :highfive: :hugleft: :hugleft: :hugleft: :hugleft:

    1. ooooooooohhh………….do not differentiate the shade even by a point.coz we always tend to thing that the roots are invisible hence..we cn use a darker or lighter similar shade……… :mean:

  4. Hi Zeeba, very informative post.
    i use colour to cover my greys. i was told that application of hair colour
    causes pigmentation of face. yes. i have uneven skin tone.
    which is the oranic hair colour? now i am using L’oreal casting creme.

  5. hey thanks a ton for this post. I just have a few pointers since I went thru some hair coloring recently for a cousins engagement. Make sure the hair color suits your skin color. I believe that a global color of dark brown with streaks of light brown/slightly blondish might look great for Indian skin. While color can be changed if you are uncomfy with it, it can be an expensve proposition to keep changing it. For those who dont want streaks think keeping it simple like a dark brown/mahogany will work great. Semi permananent colors definitely the best way to go. when the hair starts to grey do try and get a root touch with a color similar to the global color else it can look very mismatched.

    Hair does tend to dry out so using a Livon/Mrs Marino wud help tremendously. I totally agree with using shampoos speifically for color treated hair.

    feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions –

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