Fenty Beauty Ridiiic, Truffle, Yacht Lyfe Match Stix Review

Skin Type : Normal to dry
Skin tone : Medium / olive. MAC NC 35, NARS Barcelona, Chanel no 40

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I am reviewing 3 Fenty Beauty Matchstix today. One is from their matte range (Truffle) and two from the shimmer (Ridiiic and Yacht Lyfe).

Fenty beauty Matchstix

My Experience with Fenty Beauty Ridiiic, Truffle, Yacht Lyfe Match Stix:

Packaging: These are magnetic sticks. I end up playing with them. 😛 Soo soo cool. They have this gorgeous beige pink twist-up stick packaging. The individual sticks close with a satisfying click but they stick to each other; one of the coolest packaged products I’d say. 🙂

Fenty Beauty Ridiiic Truffle Yacht Lyfe Match Stix labels

Fenty Beauty Ridiiic Truffle Yacht Lyfe Match Stix packaging

It’s a gorgeous orangey red color with gold micro shimmers. It’s the kind of shade that adds life to your face even on most full days. It’s very pigmented and just a few dabs of color were good enough to give that beautiful flush to the skin. It’s an universally great shade for all skin tones, but especially an excellent one for those with medium to dusky skin. It is not overly creamy,which gives it a long lasting power. Once you blend it it almost looks like you have used a powder blush.

Fenty Beauty Ridiic stix

There’s just a light glow to the skin without the ‘creaminess’ of the cream blush. And it sets. the golden flacks give a little glow to the skin without being glittery. it does not accentuates the pores. It’s amazingly long lasting as well. I have worn it for good 7-8 hours and the beautiful flush of color was still on my cheeks. It doe snot pick up foundation from underneath. I found the best way to use this was to dab it on the skin and then blend it with finger tips. Don’t swipe. It is my favourite of the 3 shades. I do wish it was a tad bit creamy; however, it does not accentuate any dry patches. I just felt the application could have been more ‘luxurious’. In all honestly, I am nit-picking because I bloody hell can’t stop using it because I know it looks good and it lasts long. 😀

Fenty Beauty Ridiiic

Fenty Beauty Ridiiic matchstix

Ulite Rating:

Yacht Lyfe:
The moment I saw this shade, it reminded me of the infamous NARS Orgasm blush. It’s a pale pinky peach shade with strong gold sheen. It totally doubles up as a gorgeous highlighter without being “in-the-face” kind of highlight. The formula is not very creamy but enough to apply and blend. I found that applying this with fingertips and blending away was the best way to use it.

Fenty Beauty Yacht Lyfe

Fenty Beauty Yacht Lyfe stick

Fenty Yacht Lyfe

Since this is quite a light color, when I applied it with foundation underneath, it left my stick a bit dirty. So, I either quickly dab the stick on the skin and wipe the tube surface afterwards with a tissue or just apply and blend with my fingertip. It does not accentuate my pores. I love that it adds a little flushing glow to my skin because it’s such a beautiful blend of color and highlight. Yacht Lyfe stays on for good 7 hours on my skin and that’s the longest I wore. There was still a flush of color and a soft glow on my cheeks. Again, I wish it were a bit creamier than it is, but again, no complaints. These would be the best kind of cream blushes to use in summer considering their texture.

Ulite Rating:

Truffle belongs to the matte category of the Match Stix skin sticks. It’s a dark cool-toned brown color meant for contouring, and I love it! I intentionally picked up quite a darker shade because sometimes the shades close to your skin tone just don’t create enough contour and they pretty much become seamless with your skin tone after you blend them out. Truffle is like a bang-on color for me.

Fenty Beauty Truffle

Fenty Beauty Truffle match stix

The only thing I find is that because it is so chubby, I have to work with it from the side of the tube and rather be careful while using it. I think among the three, this is getting the most love from me these days. It has made me fall in love with cream contouring all over again. It blends well both with Beauty Blender and a brush. It’s a cream-to-powder formula so you don’t necessarily have to go on top with it with powder to set it because it sets on its own. For a very long night, I’d go over it with a bronzing powder, but for good 6-7 hours, I don’t need to. It creates a perfect shadow on the skin without fading for hours. It does get dirty when you use it on top of the foundation, I just wipe it clean with a tissue. It does not move the foundation underneath. It’s not the creamiest product out there and honestly, I am okay with it. It stays and looks good. I did not find it accentuating dry patches, but then, when I use a product of this capacity, my skin is all well prepped and foundation(ed) 😛 Definitely give it a go. Lovee it!

Fenty Beauty Truffle matchstix

Ulite Rating:

Overall, I am so happy with these matchstixs. I loved the colors I picked up. I love that they are not super creamy because that gives them a super long lasting power and considering the melting heat we have in Delhi, I could use that. I dread using cream blushes in summers and these I can’t wait to use. All the 3 colors are very pigmented and work well for my skin. If you like very creamy products, you’d probably not be a fan of these, but I love them. Even Mr. Husband compliments me every time I use them. 😀 I have used all three products in my makeup look here.

Fenty Beauty Ridiic Truffle Yacht Lyfe swatches on hand

Fenty Beauty Ridiiic Truffle Yacht Lyfe Match Stix on face

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