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Sowmya asks:

Hello IMBBians,

I am not new to this blog and it has benefited me a lot. Thank you for all that 🙂 Actually, I am having hair fall issues, drastic hair fall. I have tried using herbal shampoo, herbal oil and herbal medicines and have finally accepted that herbals are a big NO-NO for me as they increase my hair problems 🙁 Can you please help me out? Any multivitamin or omega 3 capsules ? Or something else ? But not herbal ones please! By the way, I have oily scalp and dry hair.

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12 thoughts on “Drastic Hair Fall Treatment: Ask IMBB

  1. Try oil with fenugreek and hibiscus.add both of this in coconut oil and do hot oil massage. Other than apply onion juice into your scalp i am sure it will help you to reduce hair fall do try this and let me know if it works.

  2. Hi Manisha,

    It’s winters and I am having severe hair fall as well. My issue is dandruff which surfaces up in winters. I have been using Nizaral shampoo and it’s controlling the dandruff to some extent. Diet wise, iron rich foods would help a lot. Also, see your doctor and request for zinc, iron, and multivitamin supplements 🙂

    1. Dandruff is not a issue for me…BTW do you know which multivitamin is best for hair fall ? Also, my name in this post is wrong 😉

  3. Do try Kama Ayurveda’s Bhringadi Hair oil(Intensive Hair Treatment).
    it has helped me a lot, i got done hair rebonding second time, but unfortunately, it leads me to hair fall, i tried that oil and yes, hair fall and dandruff problem has almost gone.
    there are so may good reviews on that. [Thumbs up]

  4. Use Argan oil and rosemary oil..massage to your scalp. Take biotin tablets. In addition to that wash your comb and change pillow covers regularly. Also trim your nails properly before hair wash.

    1. I’ve just started using these oils…lets see how do they work out for me (fingers crossed 😉 )
      Thanx for the other tips 🙂

  5. So I have used something that really does help – I used to see all my hair on the floor, in different parts of the room, in different rooms of the house.
    I tried shampoos, serums, lakme treatments, the lot.

    Finally, I decided that 2014 was the year of hair – I went to Jean Claude Biguine and bought Kérastase Aminexil SPECIFIQUE Force R Drip-drop – it’s 42 6-ml ampoules of this Aminexil stuff, for daily use. I was also using the Kerastase Stimuliste Bain shampoo. Within a month I was seeing a lot less hair fall.

    Specifique stopped my hair fall but did not do much to rejuvenate my hair – that is, I was not seeing new growth in my thin spots.

    I am now in my second month of a three month course of Kerasate Densifique (30 ampoules in a box, 10-ml daily use). I am seeing new, tiny growths that weren’t there before, and I’d swear my strands are a little thicker near the roots. My friend who works at JCB tells me that first the strands grown in fine and delicate like baby hair, and then they get stronger as time goes by. I’m also using the Densifique hair masque (which use use on your scalp as well as your hair) and I will get Densifique shampoo when it comes in stock.

    The Densifique treatment can make your hair a little oily, so you have to wash your hair every two days. I used to have very dry hair, so for me this is an improvement.

    My scalp is also less sensitive now.

    Kerastase costs a bomb. The Stimuliste box (42 days) cost me approx 10k. Each Densifique box (30 days) costs approx 10k. The shampoos are 1.6k and the masque is 2k approx. But I am seeing results, I am seeing hair growth – so I am going to say No Wallet Pain, No Hair Gain and count my blessings.

    I am seeing new hair growth, and less hair fall, in a slow-but-steady way – something which I had not seen for at least ar year or two before.

    I think all the herbal remedies and oils like Bhringraj are good if you start using them before you have any problems or at the very start of any hair fall problems. When you leave your problem too long thinking it is just a phase, your hair gets worse and worse and soon natural remedies are no longer as strong and targeted enough for your severe needs! For instance, my hair was so thin and brittle that castor oil was not recommended for it – castor oil is great for hair health, but if your strands are thin and brittle it can overwhelm your scalp and just block your follicles instead of helping! I cannot tell you how many herbal remedies, regularly, daily, weekly I was using – some bought from firms like Himalaya Herbals, Khadi, Forest Essentials, Biotique, some made at home – and nothing worked. I was miserable.

    If your hair fall is drastic, then that might involve a health issue, or a nutritional issue – Nigama, Jomo, Anju have some good suggestions for all that.

    That’s my two paise of suggestions, food for thought and scalp! 🙂

  6. Sowmya, I’d suggest you get a blood test done, to check the levels of Iron, Magnesium etc. Hairfall is usually is an indication of lack of vitamins and minerals in your body. I love using a mixture of olive, castor, almond, vitamin e and coconut oil. Also, if your hairfall may be due to tangles, I’d suggest investing in a tangle teezer. Trust me, this one helps a lot 🙂

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