Best VPN for China

The most important thing to remember prior to your trip to China is to install a VPN that can be used within the country’s borders, otherwise, you won’t be able to use familiar platforms like Google, YouTube, Tiktok and many other applications that are an integral part of your daily routine. But choosing a VPN that works in China is not an easy task, due to the technical measures imposed by the Chinese government, even the most popular VPNs are ineffective within China!

ExpressVPN, NordVPN, Surfshark Don’t Work in China

You must be surprised at this news because of their popularity and esteemed reputation, with many websites even listing them as the best VPN for China. But to learn that they are incapable of bypassing China’s restrictions? That’s the reality!

I personally tested these VPNs, and they didn’t work properly on my computer or smartphone, and only displays a “connecting” status.

I consulted the customer service representatives of both NordVPN and ExpressVPN and they have both confirmed that their VPNs in fact are unable to operate within China’s confines.

Furthermore, you will see a lot of complaints on Reddit about people who were recommended to buy these VPNs, but only found out after arriving in China that they don’t actually work. This did not only waste their money , but the more painful fact is that without access Google, it’s almost impossible to find another VPN that works in China!

Don’t Trust the Results of Google Search!

If you search for best VPN for China, you will find in the top searches that Expressvpn and NordVPN are listed as the Best VPN for China. Some people even claim to be residing in China and recommend these VPNs because of the commission-based incentives. Without undergoing any testing, these websites shamelessly claim that ExpressVPN, NordVPN and other VPNs are the best VPN for China, betraying the trust of unsuspecting readers. They are all scammers!

VPN recommendations from the top website ranked on Google.

VPNs that Actually Work in China

I am a Chinese currently residing in China. I’ve been using VPNs for work for years. I can tell you all about the VPNs I usually used and are also being widely utilized in China.

1, Astril – Fast, safe but expensive

Due to the Chinese government’s continuous upgrading of technology, few VPNs can work in China for a long period of time. Astril is one of the few VPNs that has maintained consistent functionality in China over the years. Mainstream VPNs such as ExpressVPN, NordVPN and other VPNSs have already been completely blocked by China. In the past two or three years, these VPNs have been unable to work properly in the country.

I have started using Astril four years ago and it has rarely encountered any problems. Although there have been occasional interruptions, this can be easily resolved by simply changing the connection to another server.

Astril, like ExpressVPN and NordVPN, uses 256-bit military grade encryption ensuring complete anonymity and data security.

Astril claims that it only uses dedicated servers to ensure the stability and speed of its VPN. This is also the reason why Astril’s high price is justifiable, unlike other competitors who advertise 3000 or even 5000 servers but actually use cheap and weak quality VPS servers.

Based on my personal experience, when I choose Hong Kong, Japan and cities on the West Coast of the United States (such as Los Angeles and San Francisco), those that are relatively close to China, I can use Netflix (must have a US server), YouTube, TikTok and other applications very smoothly and without buffering.

There are many users in China using Astril’s services, and many foreigners visiting China also use Astril VPN. You can see user discussions on Reddit.

The only drawback is that its price is relatively high ($30 /month, and the 2-year plan also costs $12.5 /month). If you’re only staying in China for a short time, this will not be a problem. However, if you’re planning to use it for a long time, you can try the one to two year package which will cost much cheaper.

Visit Astrill for More Information

2. JustMySocks – Cheap, fastest VPN that works in China

If you think that Astril’s price is quite steep, JustMySocks is another excellent choice. It only costs as little as $5 per month and is suitable for long-term use.

JustMySocks is a service customized for Chinese users by the famous server provider BandwagonHost. If you are in China, it is definitely the fastest VPN service in the world because all JustMySocks’s server lines are directly connected to Chinese telecom operators resulting to the fewest transit nodes, fastest network speeds, and the lowest delays.

In addition, BandwagonHost, as a server provider, has sufficient server resources, and the stability of its services is far beyond that of ordinary VPN service providers!

JustMySocks has almost no publicity in China, and its homepage is designed in such a simple way that users who have no idea about this VPN won’t dare try to purchase it. However, due to its extremely fast speed, low price, and word-of-mouth among users, it still attracts hundreds of thousands of Chinese users.

The homepage of

It’s easy to use JustMySocks, you only need to install the shadowsocks or V2ray program on your different devices (these can be downloaded from Google Play or Apple App store, or use the download address provided by JustMySocks), and then enter your account information provided by JustMySocks.

Strictly speaking, JustMySocks is not a VPN, but a proxy that uses the shadowsocks and V2ray protocol. Like VPN, JustMySocks can bypass Great Firewall’s blockade of websites and programs, offering faster speeds and easier to use; but in terms of anonymity, it’s not as good as VPN.

Which One to Purchase:

If you’re looking for a lower price, faster speed, and don’t care much about 100% anonymity, JustMySocks is the best choice. This is also the service I’ve been using for a while now!

However, if your utmost concern is privacy and anonymity, Astril is the only choice at present. Compared with JustMySocks, which uses the Shadowsocks protocol, Astril is far more secure.

The last thing to remember is that you must install a VPN service prior to your trip to China, because once you enter China, the official websites of almost all VPN providers are blocked and it will be difficult for you to obtain them!