Best Cleansing Milk Products Available in India

Best Cleansing Milk Products Available in India

For a long time, I had this misconception that cleansing milks are not for oily skin.  I had used a local brand’s cleansing milk and it broke me out badly and since then, I had stayed off this particular skin care product.  But then, after trying Clarins Cleansing Milk with Gentian, I realized that cleansing milks are good for oily skin too.
They gently cleanse skin and remove all traces of makeup, oil and impurities from the skin without leaving the skin dry or stretchy.  Cleansing milks deep cleanse clogged pores leaving behind clean and clear skin.  To use, apply cleansing milk with cotton pad, massage it in circular motions, and tissue off and follow up with a toner later. Here are some cleansing milk options for you:

1.  Nivea Visage Refreshing Cleansing Milk:

Price:  Rs. 159


Gentle formulation, thoroughly cleanses skin, keeps it fresh and supple, maintains skin’s natural moisture balance. Does not irritate the eyes, does not break out the skin.

2.  Himalaya Cleansing Milk:

Price:  Rs. 80


Cleanses and refreshes skin, penetrates deep to remove dirt, grime, and makeup.  Removes mascara, makeup, long staying lipsticks.  Does not break out skin.  Contains cucumber, soap nut extracts.

3.  Garnier Daily Care Gentle Cleansing Milk:

Price:  Rs. 135


Suitable for all skin types, effective makeup remover, removes dirt and makeup, leaves skin soft and moisturized.  Removes eye makeup.

4.  Clarins Cleansing Milk with Gentian:

Price:  Rs. 1000 approximately.


Removes all traces of makeup and impurities, works gently yet effectively in removing dirt, contains natural ingredients, not at all harsh on the skin, does not break the skin out.

5.  Nivea Aqua Effect Refreshing Cleansing Milk:

Price:  Rs. 149


Cleanses well, removes makeup effectively, removes eye makeup, hydrates skin and moisturizes it for a long time.

6.  VLCC Skin Defense Sandal Cleansing Milk:

Price:  Rs. 122


A non-foaming cleansing milk is enriched with the goodness of Sandalwood, Almond and Indian Burberry extracts. It deep cleanses, nourishes and heals the skin.

7.  Fab India Lavender Cleansing Milk:

Price:  Rs. 180


Cleans makeup completely, does not sting, gentle, does not dry out skin.

8.  Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Milk:

Price:  Rs. 1400


Gentle, milky makeup remover easily dissolves even long-wearing face makeup and sunscreens. Tissues off or rinses away with water. Residue-free formula helps maintain moisture barrier, leaves skin soft, comfortable. Ophthalmologist Tested. Ideal for drier skins.

9.  Lotus Herbals Lemonpure Cleansing Milk:

Price:  Rs. 295


Ideal for deep cleansing and removing makeup.  The astringent property of lemon lifts impurities from the skin. Turmeric works as an antiseptic, maintains moisture level and preserves elasticity of skin. The lemon peel extract draws out younger skin.

10.  L’Occitane Ultra Comforting Cleansing Milk:

Price:  Rs. 1400

This cleansing milk gently cleans, removes makeup and tones in one step.  This no-rinse delicate cleansing milk protects skin from irritations that hard water may cause.  Leaves skin radiant and supple.

11.  Chanel Precision Face and Eyes Cleansing Milk:

Price:  Rs. 3500 approximately.

Removes makeup from eyes and face, leave skin soft, supple and fresh.

12.  Thalgo Cocooning Cleansing Milk:

Price:  Rs. 1380

Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin.  Paraben and chemical free, cleans makeup and impurities.

13.  Shiseido Revital Treatment Cleansing Milk:

Price:  Rs. 2000 approximately.

Lifts away all makeup without harming skin, gentle on skin.

14.  Kiehl’s Washable Cleansing Milk:

Price:  Rs. 1800 approximately.

Gentle cleansing milk, does not dry out skin.  Removes dirt, light makeup, and impurities.

15.  Christian Dior Purifying Cleansing Milk:

Price:  Rs. 2500 approximately.

Cleanses away makeup, dirt, clarifies skin.

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  1. Wowww i think u have put up all the cleansing milks *hifive* *happydance* i used to use them earlier but they used to sting my eyes a lot n now loving the oil cleansing method to the core *happy dance* *drool*

  2. Hi everyone… I am very new to this blog n the entire world of make up.. I always thought cleansing milks r nothing but face washes :p can anyone plz tell me the difference between the two n also tel me how to use a cleansing milk :p
    I must admit that its the most amazing blog I hv ever come across… 🙂

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