About Us

Started in 2009 as just a makeup blog, ulite.org has today grown into an international makeup, beauty and fashion community. Running three powerful blogs successfully – in India, Dubai and Philippines- ulite.org is already the biggest women’s blog on the internet with more than 700 writers writing on it. The founders – Rati and Sanjeev (read more about them HERE) – and other team members make it a very stylish, ambitious and beauty crazy team. Here are our team members:

RATI TEHRI SINGH (Owner and Cofounder)

Cofounder of www.totalgadha.com, Rati started www.ulite.org to share her love for cosmetics with her other friends. Soon, many other writers found their heart in Ulite and joined Rati. Today she covers many fashion and beauty brands and works with them. Her recent addition to the blog, her fashion lookbook, is quite a hit among Ulite readers. You may also read her fashion and lifestyle blog Faux Pas HERE


Sanjeev Singh (Owner and Cofounder)

A mechanical engineering graduate from IIT Delhi, Sanjeev founded www.totalgadha.com along with Rati, then cofounded TathaGat, India’s most prestigious B School test prep program with an annual turnover of 50 million, www.ulite.org, and Trigya School of Finance and Management. Managing all his four companies successfully, Sanjeev wants to make www.ulite.org the centre of fashion and beauty scene in India.


Jomol James (Chief Editor)

Despite a Bachelor of Sciences degree in Microbiology, Genetics, and Chemistry, Jomol was not destined to work with microbes. She joined Ulite as a blogger and soon become famous amongst the readers for her wit, humour and detailed articles. Joining www.ulite.org was a natural step. Basically from the backwaters of Kerala, but Hyderabad is where her home and heart is. And she loves IMBB. In her own words “Right now, I am at the best phase in my life both professionally and personally because I have a very naughty son and a happy family to look after and I am passionate about my work at IMBB. My job gives me immense satisfaction and I get up every morning without any Monday or Sunday Blues and neither do I get that very rampant “Thank God It’s Friday” feelings on Friday!” Ulite is like a second home to me where I interact with so many lovely people on a daily basis and I do not even miss a single day on IMBB. I have gained so much here on Ulite in terms of getting more enlightened about makeup, making friends, and oh yes, being happy surrounded by so many lovely souls. My dream is to take Ulite to the highest possible height and to continue working here because this is where my passion and heart is”

Saloni Shah (Social Media Manager)

Saloni was always attracted to makeup since she was 10. Chirpy, bubbly and energetic, she belongs to a completely different field with degrees in Management studies (BMS) and fashion designing. But, today she is where she is meant to be, i.e. in the field of makeup and beauty and, most importantly, Ulite which is one of her lifelines 🙂 Documents, office work, pins, papers, … this wasn’t something she was made for. She was made to be here and she is loving every bit of it. She has always believed in “Love what you do and do what you love” and that is what she wishes to do all her life with Ulite 🙂